How to use giveaways to get more customers!

March 22, 2016

Give away a t-shirt for reaching a price point.

Give your customers a reason to fill up their shopping cart! People love free things, especially when they don’t have to work for it. Advertise a free t-shirt for orders over $100 and watch how people will buy one or two extra things just for a free shirt!

Give it to your employees.

Your employees are going to be your biggest fans! They have the ability to influence the circles around them, and they know someone that knows someone else. If they buy into what you’re doing, chances are the people around them will too. Give them something to show off and throw in an extra or two for their friends!

Giveaways at events.

If you attend a lot of events or conferences, it’s pretty much guaranteed that at least one person will be happy to get a free shirt. People go to trade shows and events with the expectation of getting free stuff, and networking. A fantastic way to do both at the same time is to give away a free shirt! That way they have a tangible, useable reminder of your business or brand.

Sponsor events.

Growing your business might mean spending more money, especially if it means getting in front of the right crows. Instead of traditional advertising in hopes of hitting the right people, sponsor an event where you can get directly into the hands of the people you want to meet.

Give to prospective clients.

You will have to invest a little more energy into something like this, but the return is worth your time! Start small and choose a handful of companies, people, etc. that you would like to work with. Package up your giveaway along with some other goodies and send it out! Make sure to include a special deal or discount in the package, along with literature and contact information. Send the package to someone specific and follow up in a week if you haven’t heard back. As a bonus, use a hand written note! People really love the personal connection of a hand written note, instead of a copied and pasted text.

Social media.

We see tons of social media contests with t-shirt giveaways! Just make sure to keep the instructions simple. If you ask your users to do too much, you will see less interaction and the contest could potentially flop. Post a photo of the giveaway, ask your fans to like it and tag a friend. Tagging friends helps spread the contest and grow brand awareness. Set your goals ahead of time and decide what it is that you would like to achieve! Make sure you always announce the winner!

Free trials!

Offer a free trial. A lot of companies are offering a free shirt in trade for giving their services a try. A simple way to execute would be to have a popup but to prompt the user when they land on your site. Keep it tactful and easy to close if they are truly not interested. Keep the process simple and don’t ask for more than you need to. Even if the lead doesn’t follow through with your service, they still have your shirt and will more than likely wear it. Subconsciously, you will be in the forefront of their mind, or someone else will see it and look you up!

T-shirts are one of the best giveaway ideas and can be used in each one of these situations to boost customer involvement. Don’t forget, the more shirts that make it into people’s hands, the more people will see your brand or company!

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