Save The Planet One Shirt At a Time!

May 22, 2016

Water based inks are made of natural substances... like water! Used correctly, they’re a safer, more environmentally-friendly option.

Water based inks don’t have any plastic in them.

The industry standard ink is called Plastisol, which if you haven’t guessed, is 100% plastic. Water based inks are the counter to Plastisol, which use a water base(go figure!) to deliver the pigment to the shirt. The creation of water based inks doesn’t involve petroleum or fossil fuels.

Water based inks are cleaned up with water.

Because water based inks are water-soluble, no chemicals are required for cleanup – keeping potentially harmful substances out of the water supply. In an industry with a reputation for harsh chemicals and toxic waste, you can feel good about choosing water based prints.

Your customers will love the eco-friendly nature of water based inks.

In an era where everyone is conscious about environmental impact you can proudly show your customers that you’re doing your part to save the planet one shirt at a time! Have your shirts printed on Bella + Canvas products for the ultimate green product!

Let’s face it, custom t-shirts aren’t that great for the environment, but here at Mutiny Ink we try our best every day to take the next step to help the planet one shirt at a time!

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