Why We Rebuilt Our Website

April 29th, 2017

If you haven’t noticed, we have completely rebuilt our website. This is for a number of reasons that I’ll be outlining throughout this post – but the top reasons are functionality and security.

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With our previous host, we were very limited with the technology available to us. As such, we weren’t able to provide you with the best possible experience. There was a serious amount of bloating and unoptimized code which caused slow load times. With our new website, we’ve taken advantage of all the latest technology including HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 and PHP. Our code has been optimized to the best of our ability, and we’ve reduced our load speed by more than 4 seconds in some instances!

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Our previous host only allowed us to do so many things with our website. Because of this limitation, we weren’t able to give you the quickest and most accurate quote, we weren’t able to update our available product in a timely manner, and we weren’t able to give you the most detail possible when you viewed our product. With our new website, we have an all new OPEN BETA Quick Quote system, which can quickly give you a very accurate quote. There are still a few bugs to work out, but we needed to test it in a real world environment to catch every error. If you have any issues with our Quick Quote system, or any part of our website you can always email us at support@mutinyink.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

In addition to the Quick Quote system, we have an entirely new product catalog with filtering options and real-time pricing. When you view a product, you’re allowed to get a quick estimate right from the quote page, and you can also click on the colors of the product to see how it looks on the model! We’re working on more features to include with our product, so stay tuned!

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Security is always an issue when dealing with online vendors – we get that. With our old host, we weren’t allowed to have an SSL Certificate other than theirs, which would cost way more than it was worth. With our new host, we’re able to have an SSL Certificate that suits our needs, you can see it now if you look at the URL at the top – just to the left of the URL will be a green padlock that most likely says “Secure”. This indication lets you know that our site is using secure protocols to communicate with our servers, so any information you may enter on our site is properly encrypted.

While this new security feature isn’t necessary since we don’t ask for any sensitive information, we care about your privacy, and we want to show you that! If you’ve never done business with us before, you should know that we never ask for any sensitive information on our website (including credit card information). All of our payment processing is done through PayPal to ensure that your information is always safe. In the event you don’t use PayPal, we also offer Credit Card processing over the phone.

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We hope that you like our new website! A lot of work has been put into making this the best experience possible for you. If you ever have any issues please feel free to email us at support@mutinyink.com. Or if you’re interested in speaking with us, or would like a personal quote please email us at info@mutinyink.com .

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