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Contract Printing with Mutiny Ink

Thank you for your interest in Mutiny Ink to satisfy your contract printing needs!

We offer very exclusive pricing to businesses who wish to use us as your contract printer. We have pricing breaks based on the dozen amount, and shipping is included in the contract printing price. We review our contracts bi-anually and adjust your discount based off of the amount of business you bring to us. Essentially, the more business you bring to us - the higher the discount you get!

This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your business with us. We can offer a lot of options that your local printers are unlikely to offer such as Glow-in-the-dark inks, reflective inks, oversized printing, and our standard water-based and discharge inks.

To get more information about our contract printing price, please email Please set the subject title to "Contract Printing Application", and in the message please give us your business name and website, contact name(and email if it is different than the reply email), your businesses location, and the estimated annual revenue you expect to bring to us. All of these are required.

Once we have a chance to go over your information, we will respond with our pricing brochure, our contract printing terms of service, and a formal application for you to approve and sign. Once all the appropriate paperwork is completed, your new contract printing price applies!

Contract printing requires all artwork to be pre-approved by your customer, and prepared for screen printing in Adobe Illustrator. Artwork charges will be applied if artwork is not prepared correctly. The pricing for contract printing does not include the t-shirt. You are welcome to order the shirts and have them shipped to us, or we can order the shirts. Shirts ordered by us include a small markup to cover the cost of misprints. Any order you place should have 1% more of each size to account for any misprints.